A Grid license is just £295

We've put together two packages; the first consists of a Grid License (£295 p.a +VAT) whereas the second option incorporates an On-site Workshop with your staff plus a Grid License (£595 p.a +VAT)

There's more information about what's included below, however - to request a detailed proposal including relevant costs, start by entering your school postcode below:

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££ Discounts Available

We acknowledge that school budgets are tighter than ever. That's why we provide a number of ways for schools to purchase the Grid at a reduced price..

  • Become a Training Centre
  • Sign up for more than one year
  • Purchase as a group of schools

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Grid License - £295

A teacher using our innovative GridMaker system to record and share evidence of skill based learning.

Single Grid License : (£295 p.a. +VAT)

An all-inclusive license to use our innovative, online systems to enable staff to record and share evidence.

Everything is included:

  • Set up and customisation to suit your schools requirements (including areas of learning, activity types, subjects, skills etc)
  • Live training webinars and tailored, one-to-one screen sharing sessions for all members of staff at a time to suit them.
  • Un-restricted access and usage for all teachers, pupils, parents, Ofsted and other organisations.
  • VLE/intranet integration and a click-through version to use as a marketing tool on the school website.
  • Dedicated telephone helpline including educational advice and guidance as well as technical support.
  • Unlimited, secure file storage and data backup for uploaded evidence.

Workshop + MultiGrid License

Engaging workshops that show teachers how to capture evidence of skills delivered

Workshop + License (from £595 p.a. +VAT)

An engaging and interactive workshop delivered at your school plus a 12 month license to use our unique online systems.

Teachers learn how to:

  • Identify skills delivered in their existing activities (SEAL, SMSC, Thinking Skills, Creativity, Community Cohesion etc)
  • Use our whiteboard system in a class discussion or plenary to instantaneously capture and map evidence of skills delivered.
  • Record evidence and map skills in less than 60 seconds using our online Grid system.
  • Create and distribute reports to inform school managers and subject leaders.
  • Prepare and print personalised reports for parents and carers.
  • Generate impressive data for sharing with Ofsted

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders love the Grid because it generates a central store of valuable, school-wide evidence which they can analyse and share with others.

Teachers & Staff


Teachers love the Grid because it's so quick and easy to use! Evidence can be captured before, during or after an activity in less than 60 seconds!

Parents & Carers


Parents love the Grid because it gives access to evidence which shows clearly what their child is learning and how their being taught.



Ofsted love the Grid because it provides easy-access to "sound" evidence of teaching and management practices across the whole school.

Schools using Primary Grid for curriculum mapping and preparing for Ofsted.