SMSC Audit Questions for Your School

Our work normally involves helping schools capture, analyse and share evidence of SMSC embedded in the curriculum or delivered through specific teaching activities. However, in recent weeks (maybe due to Ofsted's focus on SMSC in the new inspection framework) it's become apparent that many schools are now starting to ask questions about the over-all structure or ethos they have in place to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural values.

We completely support this self-evaluation - and to help senior leaders start the process we've collated the following questions which could form the basis of an initial audit. (Please note that this data can also be recorded in a bespoke PrimaryGrid.)

The questions cover the following areas relating to SMSC:

  • Institutional Approach to SMSC (Including Leadership)
  • SMSC Resources and Management
  • SMSC Provision and Assessment
  • Staffing
  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Wider community involvement

Institutional Approach to SMSC (Including Leadership)

  • What is your school’s vision/objective for SMSC development?
  • How will the reaching of this objective enrich your school’s mission and values?
  • In what ways is the SLT promoting this vision to teaching staff and the wider community?
  • How detailed is your SMSC Policy? Is it effective, monitored or updated?
  • How does SMSC feature in your school self-evaluation and improvement plan?
  • How do you refer to SMSC in your school website, prospectus or any other documentation?
  • How will parents, governors and other stakeholders be made aware of your SMSC provision?

SMSC Resources and Management

  • What resources are available to teaching staff to support the delivery of SMSC?
  • How are new resources identified, allocated and distributed?
  • How could you develop your own resources to meet the specific needs of your learners?
  • Which subjects or curriculum areas have tailored SMSC resources?
  • What funds will be available to purchase SMSC resources?
  • How will teaching staff share their ‘own’ SMSC resources?

SMSC Provision and Assessment

  • Which existing teaching activities (including extra-curricular and enrichment) deliver SMSC values?
  • Who, outside the school is involved in the delivery of SMSC?
  • How is SMSC embedded in curriculum subjects (such as Maths)?
  • How is SMSC reflected in cross-curriculum projects or creative activities?
  • Which school trips contribute to SMSC development?
  • Describe any ‘learning outside the classroom’ opportunities which deliver SMSC?
  • Are there any specific (timetabled) SMSC lessons or activities scheduled alongside the curriculum?
  • How will teaching staff focus on specific SMSC values – and avoid omission or duplication in provision?


  • Who is your SMSC Co-ordinator?
  • What additional training or support does your SMSC Co-ordinator receive?
  • How does your SMSC Co-ordinator relay information and provide support to other staff?
  • What CPD is available to all members of staff that focuses on effective SMSC development?
  • Are new members of staff given additional support in relation to your school’s approach to SMSC?
  • What specialist knowledge or expertise do staff already have with regard to SMSC development?
  • How are you going to ensure a positive attitude towards SMSC amongst all staff?
  • How will staff share best practice and collaborate with each other?

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • How will your staff plan the effective delivery of SMSC values in their teaching?
  • How will the SLT monitor SMSC across the whole school?
  • How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your schools SMSC provision?
  • What evidence will you provide to Ofsted prior to and during an inspection?
  • How will you identify strengths and weaknesses in your SMSC provision?
  • What tools will you and your teaching staff use to record evidence of SMSC?
  • How will you track who (apart from teachers) is involved in SMSC provision?
  • How will you assess the impact of SMSC on learners?

Wider Community Involvement

  • Who in the wider community will be involved in the delivery of SMSC values?
  • Which outside organisations will you involve in SMSC provision?
  • How could working with other schools help you deliver SMSC?
  • Which members of the community will offer voluntary support for your SMSC provision?

The PrimaryGrid is perfect for managing the delivery of SMSC

It enables teachers to:

  • Plan lessons or activities and map them against the individual SMSC values they cover
  • Record evidence of SMSC values in ANY teaching activity (including extra-curricular and enrichment activities)
  • Analyse coverage of SMSC values across the whole school and identify omission or duplication in provision
  • Share ideas and best practice with other members of staff, family schools or partner organisations
  • Impress parents, carers and Ofsted inspectors with evidence of thorough SMSC coverage
See for yourself how the Grid is perfect for SMSC - create your own free trial Grid.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders love the Grid because it generates a central store of valuable, school-wide evidence which they can analyse and share with others.

Teachers & Staff


Teachers love the Grid because it's so quick and easy to use! Evidence can be captured before, during or after an activity in less than 60 seconds!

Parents & Carers


Parents love the Grid because it gives access to evidence which shows clearly what their child is learning and how their being taught.



Ofsted love the Grid because it provides easy-access to "sound" evidence of teaching and management practices across the whole school.

Schools using Primary Grid for curriculum mapping and preparing for Ofsted.