The PrimaryGrid is perfect for managing the delivery of SMSC

It enables teachers to:

  • Plan lessons or activities and map them against the individual SMSC values they cover
  • Record evidence of SMSC values in ANY teaching activity (including extra-curricular and enrichment activities)
  • Analyse coverage of SMSC values across the whole school and identify omission or duplication in provision
  • Share ideas and best practice with other members of staff, family schools or partner organisations
  • Impress parents, carers and Ofsted inspectors with evidence of thorough SMSC coverage
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A fast and effective SMSC Planner...

Teacher using the PrimaryGrid to plan lessons or activities which incorporate spiritual, moral, social and cultural values

The Grid provides teachers with a SMSC Planner to map out their lessons or activities and the SMSC values they will cover.

The SMSC Planner enables teachers to:

  • Schedule lessons to deliver SMSC values alongside curriculum content
  • Avoid repetition of SMSC covered in previous lessons or activities
  • Ensure SMSC values are incorporated into most learning opportunities
  • Collaborate with other staff by sharing SMSC planning information
  • Utilise funds for SMSC related activities (trips, visitors) more efficiently
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Record evidence of SMSC in 60 seconds!

Teacher using the PrimaryGrid to record evidence of SMSC

The Grid includes a range of easy-to-use tools, specially designed to help teachers record evidence of delivering SMSC.

This unique approach enables teachers to:

  • Capture valuable evidence of SMSC following ANY activity
  • Map lessons or activities against a range of SMSC values
  • Identify SMSC embedded in the curriculum
  • Gain recognition for delivering SMSC in lessons or activities
  • Use the whiteboard to record evidence of SMSC during class discussions
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Analyse SMSC across the whole school in minutes!

A senior manager using the Grid to analyse SMSC across the school

The Grid automatically creates interactive curriculum maps, dynamic bar charts and bespoke reports for analysing coverage of SMSC frameworks across the whole school.

These powerful features enable senior leaders and managers to:

  • Evaluate how and where teachers integrate SMSC in lessons
  • Oversee the delivery of SMSC across the whole curriculum
  • Review lessons and activities across multiple year groups
  • Identify exemplary SMSC teachers or those that need support
  • Review the overall impact of SMSC on teaching and learning
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Share evidence of SMSC at the click of a button!

A teacher presents the Grid showing how they embed SMSC their lessons.

The Grid allows teachers and managers to share valuable evidence of SMSC via the internet, by email, or with printed reports.

This flexibility enables teachers and managers to:

  • Share impressive evidence of SMSC with parents, carers and Ofsted
  • Provide access to up-to-date information about SMSC coverage
  • Access the Grid during staff meetings and training sessions
  • Highlight SMSC best practice to other schools and external partners
  • Invite feedback from outside organisations or consultants
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Impress parents and Ofsted inspectors!

A teacher presenting a personalised report to a parent

The Grid allows schools to impress parents and Ofsted inspectors with detailed evidence of SMSC.

This unique 'window' on the school enables you to:

  • Show parents how their children are developing skills through SMSC
  • Present parents with personalised reports on parents evening
  • Demonstrate thorough coverage of SMSC to Ofsted
  • Promote your school to prospective parents
  • Raise the profile of the school when recruiting new staff
See for yourself how the Grid helps impress parents and Ofsted - create your own free trial Grid.

SMSC Video: Why? What? How?

This three minute video shows you...

  1. Why you need the PrimaryGrid (1 min)
  2. What you can achieve with the PrimaryGrid (1 min)
  3. How the PrimaryGrid works (1 min)

Please contact us if you'd like to receive additional video clips. Alternatively, why not create your own FREE trial Grid?

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders love the Grid because it generates a central store of valuable, school-wide evidence which they can analyse and share with others.

Teachers & Staff


Teachers love the Grid because it's so quick and easy to use! Evidence can be captured before, during or after an activity in less than 60 seconds!

Parents & Carers


Parents love the Grid because it gives access to evidence which shows clearly what their child is learning and how their being taught.



Ofsted love the Grid because it provides easy-access to "sound" evidence of teaching and management practices across the whole school.

Schools using Primary Grid for curriculum mapping and preparing for Ofsted.